Himalayan CLC Nepal


In this present context of Nepal more than 95% population do not know about our Savior Jesus Christ and they are in bondage of different religious traditions, practices and darkness. Our duty is to reach out to them with the saving Gospel.

People are willing to open door of their hearts for Gospel because they are tired of their traditions and bondage. They need freedom from all of these types of bondage and we have to deliver their life.

Now the Christianity is growing rapidly in the country. There is still need of properly equipped workers for the harvest. The people who are called and have vision and burden are needed to convey God’s love to unreached tongues and tribes.

The anti-conversion law is prevalent in the country therefore it is not easy to share the Gospel to people. One who is caught preaching the Gospel should pay a huge fine and five years in prison. Therefore evangelizing is challenging in this country. Please pray that the government allows us to preach the Word of God.

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Many Christian leaders of Nepal are not properly equipped by the proper Biblical knowledge or Word of God. Large numbers of leaders are leading their congregation without proper training and experience. Many of them are unable to reveal the mysterious meanings hidden in Bible (Scriptures) to their congregation so that believers cannot reach to the depth of the Word. They need proper Biblical knowledge to carry out their ministry effectively. Therefore there is a need of a trainings and workshops which can help them to assist and equip through the Biblical and practical knowledge.

We have started Himalayan Bible Institute in 2017 and training students to equip them for their work at their churches. We request you to pray for our institute and the students at the training center. 

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We are engaging in translating Christian literatures, books, etc in Nepali language so that Nepali pastors, leaders as well as believers can be benefited with the spiritual knowledge.

We have a translation and publication team and we work for the translation of Christian literatures, books only.

There is also need of more books which help to the leaders in remote areas to be enriched in the Word of God and they feed their flocks with the proper nutritious spiritual foods. 

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Himalayan Bible Institute

The HCLCN was established in early 2008. Since then it works with the CLC, USA to teach and train the saints of the Lord. We conduct training to the pastors and leaders in the rural areas of Nepal. HCLCN established HBI in 2016. Since then the HBI is producing pastors and leaders for the harvest fields in Nepal.

Mission Trips

We host Mission Helper Trips from the CLC USA. We welcome volunteers that are eager to share the Gospel to the lost people of Nepal.

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