Our Plans are as follows:


  • Organizing pastoral conferences in seven states of Nepal.
  • Graduating students in 2020 and enrolling new students.
  • Building/ purchasing a building for the training institute. 
  • Conducting mission trips. 
  • Carrying out humanitarian projects with partnership with other organizations. 
  • Planting and building churches.



  1. The school year starts in Mid-April in Nepal. We plan to distribute uniforms, shoes, backpacks, stationary for 200 children in need. It is a one time gift. 
  2. The HTCDN plans to provide scholarship to 50 students for 12 months. 
  3. The HTCDN plans to provide sewing and tailoring training to 45 women. At the end of the training each woman is provided a sewing machine to start her own business. It would help 45 families or 180 people.  
  4. The HTCDN plans to drill 5 wells in 2020 which would benefit more than 1200 people in five different villages.  
  5. The HTCDN plans to prevent Malaria through distribution of mosquito nets. We plan to distribute a 1000 mosquito nets (April-May 2020) which will benefit about 2500 people.  
  6. As the country gets monsoon rain from June-August. We plan to distribute 500 buckets with food and supplies for 500 families (2500 people) for a week.  
  7. The HTCDN plans to organize workshops for students and teachers at schools in rural areas. The estimated expenses to determine.
  8. Seminars on gender and caste-based discrimination is planned to organize.

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