Himalayan Tribal Community Development Nepal HTCDN

The NCM carries out the humanitarian projects through our partner organizations Himalayan Tribal Community Development Nepal (HTCDN) (www.htcdn.org). It is a non-profit organization registered in the Government of Nepal. We work in the area of children’s education, vocational education, health projects and education, clean drinking water projects and disaster relief aid to spread the Gospel of our Lord to the millions of unreached people in Nepal.

Children’s Education

i. SCHOLARSHIP: “Education is the movement from darkness to light”. As Nepal is one of the developing countries in the world, the people in rural areas are facing extreme poverty. They could not afford to send their children to schools. Many rural there are no sufficient schools either. Children dropout at the grades seven -nine to help their parents in their work. In this scenario the HTCDN is striving to help out these children who are deprived of education. 

We do provide scholarships for 25 students from different districts. We provide them the support every month. Now they can go to school and they are glad to receive the education.

The HTCDN plans to provide scholarships to 25 more students in this year 2019. We would welcome the helping hands and generous hearts since we cannot do this alone. 

ii. SCHOOL SUPPLIES: In rural Nepal new clothes and particularly school uniforms are special thing to have. Many children in the tribal villages do not have proper clothes and for them getting nice new uniform is a great gift. 

The HTCDN tries to provide such unfortunate children with the uniforms, backpacks, shoes and stationary that will help them to get inspired and motivated to get education. The stationary includes exercise books, pencils, pens, crayons, instrument box, etc. 

The HTCDN has provided uniforms to 300 students in the year 2018. The uniforms were distributed to the Chepang tribal villages and marginalized community children. Along the school uniform we did provide them backpacks, shoes, socks and stationary. It was a complete package for a student. They were exhilarated with the new gifts they received. 

The HTCDN has provided over 200 backpacks to the students in Gorkha district in September 2019. 

iii. WORKSHOPS FOR STUDENTS & TEACHERS: We work with several schools and we do conduct some special training regarding physical health, hygiene and sanitation, child rights and child abuse, trauma counseling, disaster preparedness, English language class, teamwork games, etc. We provide teaching practice, child safety, hygiene and sanitation workshops and training for teacher of primary and secondary schools.  

 We do organize teacher conference and seminars on the current and contemporary issues, government policies, etc. Teacher refresher training or course is needed in several districts in Nepal. Teachers need to update themselves every now and then. 

We are looking for the experienced and interested teachers, trainers and the volunteers. Please let us know if you are interested to work among Nepali students. 

We have a healthcare ministry and we works to provide healthcare facilities to the poor, destitute and helpless people of Nepal.

Mostly we are engaging in different awareness programs on timely basis with different organizations. We create awareness to live a healthy life and to use precautions. We also instruct people about the causes, symptoms of diseases and the ways to cure.

We have participated with some medical camps and assists through providing human resources and it is aiming to organize health camps in different parts of the country.

We want to organize health camps to the rural areas of Nepal so we are praying for the resources and helping hands to conduct this program.

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Vocational Education

i. Vocational Training

Nepal has a large number of unskilled manpower therefore they could not find better jobs and better pay. The HTCD Nepal strives to provide them with proper technical and income generating skills which will help them and their families to live better lives. 

The HTCDN has provided varieties of training to the local communities so far such as house building training, beekeeping, knitting and tailoring, computer repairing, organic farming, plumber, electrician, mechanic, etc.

We would welcome and like to work in partnership with individuals or organization that are willing to provide vocational training to the people from rural communities in Nepal.

The NCM works in order to provide relief aid to the victims of disaster. Since Nepal is a mountainous country it has landslides and on the southern plains there are floods every year. In that time the Nepal Christian Mission reaches out to the people with food, clothes, blankets and tents.

Health Education

NCM provides scholarships to students at villages who do not have resources to continue their education. We recently started providing scholarships to young children in Salyan district, West Nepal. We love to provide scholarships to more students and encourage them to get education.

i. Health Education

Sanitation:Since the rural communities lack proper hygiene and sanitation we do provide care packages for the newborn babies and create awareness to the communities. 

Food and Nutrition: We provided seminars on healthy living and nutrition and balanced diet that would lower the chances of diseases.  

DENTAL CAMP: We organize dental camps for the children at schools. We provide them toothpaste and toothbrush and train them the right way to brush their teeth.

ii. Natural Therapy

We provide the natural therapy that would allow the people cure diseases with their locally available resources. For example food, water, massage, etc. 

iii. Physical Literacy

We are trying to work on Physical literacy in the schools to improve the quality of life of the students and eventually to everyone in a community. 

Clean Drinking Water

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)- Waterborne disease is world’s leading killer.

Many rural villages in Nepal do not have proper and easy access to safe drinking water therefore thousands of children and adults die every year. If we invest some money on safe water then the big number of people could be saved from different kinds of diseases. So we started drinking water projects.

We bore wells in the southern plains and test it to make sure it is healthy. A well can benefit about 200 people in a neighborhood.

In the hills people have to hike up and down for hours to get a jar of water. The life is very hard for these people so we we distribute water pipes to these communities.

Disaster Response

FOOD SUPPLIES: Nepal got hit by a major earthquake in April 25, 2015. More than ten thousand lives claimed by the earthquake. The Faith Foundation Nepal and other organizations partnered to reach out to the people in several districts with bags of rice and other items for the survival of communities in need. About a thousand families were assisted at the time of the disaster.

Similarly, in 2017, Nepal got a huge rain, floods and landslide, the HTCD and the Christian Churches Fellowship of Nepal responded quickly with the food supplies to the flood affected areas. Banke and Dang district in the west and Mahottari district in the southeast region of Nepal were reached with the basic supplies. More than five hundred families were assisted during the monsoon season. 

TENTS, BLANKETS, MOSQUITO NETS: The HTCDN provided tents and temporary shelters for the earthquake and flood affected families. We did provide blankets, mosquito nets to prevent Malaria and flashlights and collected used clothes and cooking utensils to the people who lost about everything except their lives. 

Please write us at nepalchristian [at] gmail [dot] com or htcdnepal [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

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