In this present context of Nepal more than 80% population do not know about our savior Jesus Christ and they are captivated within different religious traditions and practices. Our duty is to reach them with Gospel.

Majority of the people are willing to open door of their hearts for Gospel because they are tired by carrying the traditions and bondages. They want freedom from all these types of bondages and we have to deliver their life.

Now the Christian growth rate is elevated in the country. There is still need of properly equipped workers for the harvest. The people who are called and have vision and burden are needed to convey God’s love to unreached tongues and tribes.

We are also engaging in evangelism in mountainous, hilly and terai (plains) regions of the country. We do mobilize self motivated youth to different parts to preach the Gospel.

Most of Nepali people have not heard of the Gospel. Therefore there is a great opportunity and mission field in Nepal.

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Many Christian leaders of Nepal are not properly equipped by the proper Biblical knowledge or Word of God. Large numbers of leaders are leading their congregation without proper training and experience. Many of them are unable to reveal the mysterious meanings hidden in Bible (Scriptures) to their congregation so that believers cannot reach to the depth of the Word. They need proper Biblical knowledge to carry out their ministry effectively. Therefore there is a need of a trainings and workshops which can help them to assist and equip through the Biblical and practical knowledge.

We have started Himalayan Bible Institute in 2017 and training students to equip them for their work at their churches. We request you to pray for our institute and the students at the training center. 

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We are engaging in translating Christian literatures, books, etc in Nepali language so that Nepali pastors, leaders as well as believers can be benefited with the spiritual knowledge.

We have a translation and publication team and we work for the translation of Christian literatures, books only.

There is also need of more books which help to the leaders in remote areas to be enriched in the Word of God and they feed their flocks with the proper nutritious spiritual foods. 

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Nepal is a developing country situated in South Asia between India and China and majority of people in this country do not have proper access to healthcare facilities. Due to lack of trained health workers, medicines and equipment people from the low income level are facing difficulties and constraints in receiving health facilities. In this situation we as Christians, know how to endeavor to help these people fighting with disease, hunger and poverty.

We have a healthcare ministry and we works to provide healthcare facilities to the poor, destitute and helpless people of Nepal.

Mostly we are engaging in different awareness programs on timely basis with different organizations. We create awareness to live a healthy life and to use precautions. We also instruct people about the causes, symptoms of diseases and the ways to cure.

We have participated with some medical camps and assists through providing human resources and it is aiming to organize health camps in different parts of the country.

We want to organize health camps to the rural areas of Nepal so we are praying for the resources and helping hands to conduct this program.

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Relief Aid 

The NCM works in order to provide relief aid to the victims of disaster. Since Nepal is a mountainous country it has landslides and on the southern plains there are floods every year. In that time the Nepal Christian Mission reaches out to the people with food, clothes, blankets and tents.


Scholarship Program

NCM provides scholarships to students at villages who do not have resources to continue their education. We recently started providing scholarships to young children in Salyan district, West Nepal. We love to provide scholarships to more students and encourage them to get education.


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